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Worldwide Institute of Grooming and Pageants (WIGP) is a Leadership, Grooming and Holistic Transformational Training Institution of world-class standards. It is a reputed Institute designed to accelerate and empower the masses towards their accomplishments. ( they desire to achieve in life.) Different from many other Organisations in the training industry, WIGP works beneath the surface of who we are, addressing the foundation on which people build their lives and their businesses. WIGP’s greatness is in their ability to help youth and Companies become aware of their foundation; by equipping them with the tools to make “shifts” and “exchanges” necessary in their foundation.

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3345, Christian Colony, Pyare lal road, Near R C Jewelers 7 Karol Bagh Police Station, Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 110005


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Yes, I feel great need for personality development. I have realized that if I look good, I feel good; and I feel more confident. My interpersonal relationships with family, friends and Associates really get strengthened. My productivity and efficacy at office multiplies multi-fold. I start getting better acknowledgements at office; with promising promotions.
Yes definitely, I should go beyond external/physical beauty. If your mind does not positively believe that you are really beautiful; you never feel and look beautiful from outside. Beauty is holistic : from Inside to Outside; and from Outside to Inside.
Yes, it’s been my childhood dream to prove my identity in the glamour industry. I want to shine like a Superstar. When I see these models on the ramp or print media, I feel that I can do the same; and make a mark. When I watch these Beauty Pageants, I feel that my talent and voice needs an esteemed platform to get noticed.
Yes it’s my vision; it’s my passion and in fact, an obsession to prove my mettle; as a model/queen / actor.
Only realization of Inner beauty… can leave you in peace with yourself. Self-faith and full firm conviction in one’s own self … gives you the propelling force to realize your true worth. During this journey of Self perfection, you start realizing your Inner Beauty.