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Testimonials: What Our Partners Says

What our partners say?

Prakul Verma Hotel Owner

The MST platform has helped us get a lot more recommendations than we used to get. Since they direct traffic directly to our site we don’t have to be totally dependent on hotel booking platforms now nor do we need to be worry about giving out commissions since the booking is made directly on our site.

Bhushan Sharma
Bhushan Sharma Ecommerce site manager

Being a new online site, customer acquisition was a major challenge. It was expensive and there was hardly any repeat purchase. The MST platform used our regular customers to get us more traction through their focus on the 3 “R”s and their growth formulat that is Reviews + Recommendations + Repeat Purchase = Revenue

Mr A Johri
Mr A Johri Salon Owner

Loyalty program across different platforms has really incentivized our customers as the points earned at our salon can be used to get discounts at multiple places such as a gift site or a restaurant. The regular tabs also help us in showcasing different services we offer to users in and around the area.

Mr Ankit
Mr Ankit Cinema owner

After a few movie posts by a single user, MST helped us predict exactly what movie a customer would see on what day and what time so our targeted communication got us more bookings on our platform and we were able to market ourselves better. The loyalty point advantage for our F & B segment also was an added advantage.

Mr Sultani
Mr Sultani Hotel Owner

We always wanted to have a loyalty program in place however being a stand alone hotel we never thought it was of much use. Being a part of the MST loyalty program has helped us not only get new customers but also given us new insights about our existing customers.

Ashita Kochhar
Ashita Kochhar Ecommerce site owner

Customers only buy when they have to buy so relevancy and consistency in communication is key. MST communicates with customers with targeted newsletters from their existing vendors so open rates are much higher. Customers recognize mysocialtab as a brand commincation platform with verified content so their success rate is much higher.

Mr Kapur
Mr Kapur Restaurant owner

We have a fantastic presentation for our food and mysocialtab is a great platform to showcase specific dishes or our signature cocktails which has become our main pull and differentiating factor. Although reviews sites help but mysocialtab shows reviews from your friends which certainly count much more.

Dr Singh
Dr Singh Medical Professional

Being in the medical profession, our customers mostly come through recommendations. The MST platform has made it a lot easier for people to share their experiences in a format that is discrete and simple. Although there are booking platforms that aid you in booking appointments but MST is different as it helps users to know who they should consult.

Vaibhav Chadha
Mr V Chadha Restaurant Owner

The MST platform has helped us return our dead customers back to us through their targeted and consistent communication. We used to do facebook or sms campaigns but had little ROI mainly because we used to only focus on discounts and promotions. MST changed our prospective by focusing on building a relationship and personalizing content for our customers. Offering a discount on their birthday is one such strategy that worked for us.

Mr Suresh Yadav
Mr Suresh Yadav Restaurant Owner

Giving a standard 10% discount to our regular customers was a common exercise but it didn’t increase our share of the business nor were our customers entirely satisfied. After enrolling with the MST loyalty program the more frequent customers were able to extract more discounts and further incentivized to order more, plus we also got more insight on their behavior and ordering pattern.