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Noida-based Ritual Vedic Spaceage Yoga Alliance Pvt. Ltd. renders Yoga Asanas by reputed yoga trainers and practitioners. While dealing with challenges of the mind-boggling IT environment, the yoga solutions offered by RVS YOGA worked as the right panacea for all physical and mental challenges. Our Vision: We aim to reach out to the people across the nation and worldwide by spreading the awareness of Ancient Indian yogic science without compromising its real purpose and other natural healing methods to help people to be healthy. Our Mission: To have our presence in every city, state and country to serve people to achieve their health needs through our completely natural methods and uniquely designed yogic system. ( सर्वव्यापी-सर्वस्पर्शी ) Our Objective: To popularising ancient yogic system and other natural healing methods, e.g. Yoga, Meditation, Nature cure, Naturopathy, Acupressure and so on. We help people to understand to know their body mechanism and physical healing power by which they can be free from any diseases. Our focus especially is on people in every section of society such as corporates where life is full of stress due to disturbed, challenging work environment and wrong food habits. We endeavour to better their lifestyle by making them aware of following Ritucharya {eating food per season} Dincharya {right daily routine} and Aharcharya{right and healthy food} by conducting customised yoga sessions and also to organise free yoga and health awareness camps for needy and weaker section of societies. Corporates training and Personal training and other activities to bring about awareness and healthy change in the society. Help people to be their Health Partner and take charge of their lives thereby enjoying their lives to the fullest with complete health. Our Other Services: Yoga for Family, Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Woman, Yoga for Pregnant Women, Yoga for Elderly People, Yoga for Students, Yoga for Sportsman, Yoga for Celebrities, Weight Management, Stress Management, Personal Training. We can help you by serving you all kind of yoga and meditation techniques. Lets take a step towards your healthy & happy life.

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J-161 Sector 41, Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh, India