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Drive more traffic to your website

Our brand pages are specifically designed to show reviews, recommendations, customer activity, upcoming events. promotions and much more. They are seo optimized and rank well in google searches and drive traffic to your website.


Build a relationship with your customers

We send personalized emails & text messages to your customers all year round on your behalf to extract their full value that essentially is worth 10x. Our communication is aimed to get them to do either of the three “R”s that is to Review, to Recommend or to Repeat.


Attract customers via loyalty points

It’s a proven fact that loyalty points attract customers be it your regular customers or the hundreds of customers that hit mysocialtab daily. Discounts given "just like that" erode brand value and don't incentivize the user. With our loyalty program we give more structure to your discounts that helps encourage customers to come again and is a win win situation for both the customer and the brand.


Incetivize your customers to become brand advocates

We are a social commerce platform designed to get people to post what they eat, buy, watch, read, visit or travel to etc on our social network. Rewards incentivizes them to do just that and much more such as sharing on social media or suggesting a referral or even a business.


Manage your customers through our CRM

Our CRM platform designed specifically for every sector, records all customer communication along with additional information about the customer such as their birthday, anniversary, interests, preferences, budget, behavior, favorites and much more that is a lot more valuable to the brand thereby building a customer database for them that is useful, updated and secure.


Interact with your customers

Our brand pages have the live chat option that allow you to chat with potential and old customers and solve their queries and issues almost instantly.


Convert your leads into customers

Register new leads through our feedback form, chat feature and other forms of engagement. Our lead management module engages them over the next few months via sms and email communication and makes sure they convert into valuable customers.

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For any queries, contact our support team. +91 95 9999 2884 /

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