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Retail & Hospitality: CRM & Loyalty Platform - Partner With Us

Customer & Lead Management

Build relationships

Our CRM tool allows you to send triggered messages to your customers using ready to use templates for occasions, festivals, follow ups and quotations.

Triggered messages are via push notifications, SMS, Email using our custom designed templates for the brand.

Cater every enquiry effectively and quickly using our lead management tools

Mysocialtab- Brand page

Market your offerings, events & promotions on your own microsite.

Make or edit your own website in a matter of minutes and get it search engine optimized.

Get all reviews, recommendations, check ins and any other tab relating to your brand on your microsite instantly, thus further increasing your search rankings without having to add or modify content.

Chat option available along with a lead generation module that can be integrated within our chat.

Separate panel to update events and promotions and with widespread appeal since it instantly shows on the date-feed of all your customers and fans.

Recommendations & Reviews

Get your business noticed with referrals and genuine customer feedback

Use our platform to get customers to recommend and review your site in a fun, easy and rewarding way. These instantly show on your microsite/ brand page building further content and trust for new leads

79% percent of users shop from hotels or stay at hotels that are recommended by their friends.

On average loyal customers are worth upto 10x as much as their first purchase based on their likelihood or willingness to recommend to others or based on the repeat business that they generate.

Reviews build trust, provide social proof, give priceless feedback and increase your search rankings.

Loyalty Program

Get Repeat Business and Boost your Revenue

Join our master loyalty program for Travelers, Readers, Shoppers, Foodies, Outgoers, Movie buffs and get an edge over your competitors.

58 % of users end up buying from brands whose program they belong to atleast once a month.

Get to know who your customers are, what they want, when they want and why they want it to adapt to their preferences and shape your future marketing campaigns.

Loyalty programs is the best way to incentivize and activate users which eventually increases life time customer value.

Gamification & Social numbers

Drive your business through multiple channels and cut marketing costs

Tab scores and loyalty status for your specific sector add elements of game playing that typically drive engagement of users with a product or service.

On our platform we encourage users to like or share on multiple social platforms or to suggest referrals in return for loyalty points and privileges with their favorite brands.

Use of multiple brand centric games to engage the users and tell them more about what all you have to offer.