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End to end Customer Relationship Management, identity and access management platform to support B2C business in their marketing, operations and communication to help them grow and perform better.

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Complete Customer Relationship Management Solution


Marketing Generate new leads

SEO Marketing Tools
  • Create your own microsite through online website builder (in seconds) that is SEO optimized and provides a unique structure and inbuilt algorithms & boosters that provide you with the tools to work on your own seo and get your search rankings much more quickly.
  • Select multiple keywords based on our handpicked keyword selection, accelerate your rankings and view ranking reports all on one single platform using SEO marketing tools.

Sales Convert your leads

Lead Tracking, Management & Conversion
  • Lead tracking & management crm helps manage your leads and experience a smarter way to convert leads effectively using our unique walkthroughs.
  • Our walkthroughs are virtual and interactive and use a story telling format to introduce your services and extract valuable information from your leads for you to respond effectively.

Operations Manage your customers better

Customer Portal Software
  • Cloud based login and storage solutions with your own branding and linked to your website giving your customers a private login to let them access all your digital properties in one go.
  • Our out of the box, cloud identity platform plug and play solutions includes customer registration (Email registration and social login) and gives 24/7 access to your customers anywhere and at anytime (Customer Identity Management System).

Relationships Retain your customers

Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Send pre-set automated mailers for festivals & special occasions to keep in sight of your customers.
  • Create your own email templates and set automated and triggered mailers and sms campaigns.

Analytics Convert your website traffic

Website Conversion & Analytics
  • Use our free plugins to increase your website conversion by extracting actual intent from your existing traffic and further to help contribute to your SEO.

Commerce Cross sell or upsell to increase revenue

New product development
  • Add complementary or supplementary products and services to enhance your revenue .
  • Option to either add your own or else use our third party partner list to offer your customers a complete solution.

Social Media and Branding

Spread the word within your social network
  • Create your own feed for your customers and make sure they never miss a post.


Manage your communication better
  • Create newsletters to send regular updates to your customers.
  • Track all your email communication (from any email id or platform) with your customers via our updates tab both for you or your customer viewing.

Mobile App

Communicate better with your customers
  • Get your own mobile app within our master app for consumers and give your users a mobile experience like never before.
  • Send app notifications and reminders to convey messages to your users.
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Tuition centers, Course providers, Institutes


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Salons, Spa

Food and Drink

Restaurants, Clubs, Bars, Cafes, Bakeries



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