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Mysocialtab is a vendor specific network that let's you view posts, events and promotions related to your venodrs or those that you maybe interested in or are popular in your social network. Using mysocialtab you can also login to each of your vendors to view your invoices, bookings, quotations, loyalty points, mails, messages and more.

Create a List

On mysocialtab there are set lists such as shopping list, gourmet list, reading list, to -do list, go to list. watch list and more that users can add to. They can also create a list for a specific occasion such as a wedding or a party or for their convenience such as a favorite or a repeat list and add almost anything they wish to and can share these with friends and family. Use Click to Tab in your profile to add anything to your list.

Share what you buy or experience with the world

On mysocialtab you can tab almost anything to tell your friends, help society or show your loyalty to your vendors. All posts are anonymous so your identity is kept discrete unless you tag a vendor in which case only your vendor gets to know. Use Click to Tab to post anything you want to. Sharing also tells us what you like more so your feed experience on mysocialtab also gets enhanced.

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Local - Retailers
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