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Over 1000 retailers use our platform to grow their sales
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Appear on google searches when customers search for a local shop for your product around their area.
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Showcase your range to your customers like an online store and receive orders & payments online.
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Store and collect more information about your customers such as mobile no, email address, profile pic, birthday etc.
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Connect with your customers via our weekly aggregated newsletters sent to them via whatsapp, sms or email.
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Send your customers automated festival or special occasion messages to offer them promotions, deals & more.
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Send personalized suggestions generated via the platform based on customer interests, purchases or budget.
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Use our in-built loyalty programs to offer loyalty points to your customers or create your own.
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Use our mobile app to send new product updates or promotion reminders via app notifications.
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Let customers login to your store to view their loyalty points, receipts, guarantee cards, product manuals & more.
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Microsite & SEO

Search and choose keywords that customers are searching related to your brand, product or business type.

Get monthly reports to know the rank status of each chosen keyword on google.

Branding watermark feature that allows you to brand your marketing material instantly when sharing individual product or galleries on MVP.

Social Media, Branding & Communication

Create and send instant newsletters to your customers using your existing posts and get higher open rates via our aggregated weekly mailers.

Keep your customers informed about your latest updates via an exclusive feed on a social network dedicated for vendors.

Branding watermark feature that allows you to brand your marketing material instantly when sharing individual product or galleries on MVP.

Cloud Login

Use our out of the box customer portal with your own branding and link it with your existing website or our microsite giving your customers a 24/7 private login access anywhere at anytime.

Your customer portal lets your customers view previously bought products, invoices, emails, text messages, loyalty points, membership information, promotions, product suggestions and much more.

Using the portal you can update, delete or label documents, add multiple calls to action, get digital signatures, receive read receipts and much more.

Using our triggered pop ups you are able to get recommendations, reviews and additional data from your customers.

Send text messages and emails via the platform so they never miss a message from you using our repository feature.

One login, one identity and multiple registration options including gmail, phone and facebook login.

Personalized Order Galleries

Create order galleries for your customers for referencing, sharing or repeat ordering.
Give personalized suggestions or recommendations based on these purchases
Get product reviews and sales feedback for every order.

Invoices, Bookings & Quotations

Keep all your sales in one place, receive payments directly into your bank account, send payment or order reminders, feedback forms, questionnaires etc.

Sales via Cross-seling & Up-selling

Create your own online store and start receiving orders and payments instantly.

Boots sales by using collaborative filtering to show them related products that other customers with similar purchases viewed or bought in your store.

Show them popular products that everyone is buying in their city, area or social network to use social commerce to enhance your sales.

Leads Hub

Manage your potential customers in one place and communicate instantly.

Use our horizontal walkthrough tools to help you provide more information about your store in a unique virtual way.

Control who sees what and use our link expiration and privacy tools to ensure exclusivity and security.

Adding new revenue streams helps to satisfy my customers and
helps me gain an extra buck either using my own network or leveraging
the networks of mysocialtab.

Mysocialtab happy customer reviews
Sunny Singh

Phone Shop Owner

"The CRM has made me track my whatsapp broadcasts and send products that are more relevant for my customers based on their budget, previous purchases or interests."

Mysocialtab happy customer reviews
Ritu Khosla

Dry Fruit Shop

"The microsite, seo tools and ranking reports have helped me get new customers from around my area and made the whole process transparent. "

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Rahul K - Sales Head, MVP
MBA- Cass Business School,UK

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