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About Us Shop Women Fashion Traditional Jewelry in Dubai UAE, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

ZIBA is a high-end jewelry brand specialized in costume jewelry accessories In Persian the word Ziba means beautiful while the Biblical meaning of Ziba is strength - which is exactly how we perceive women- as an amalgamation of beauty and strength Known for its statement pieces the fashion house blends old glamour with contemporary designs Buy Online Women Artificial Fashion Traditional Jewelry in Dubai UAE Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Each ZIBA creation provides an ornamental meeting place for the past present and future enduring the test of time long after seasonal whims have diminished Every collection adds to an established repertoire of timeless eternally coveted pieces celebrating traditions combining the contemporary and classic and always remaining true to a strong vision Shop online women artificial jewelry in Dubai Sharjah and Abu Dhabi anywhere in the UAE ZIBA is a quintessential luxurious jewellery brand for the 21st century woman The creations have an innovative blend of cutting-edge fashion with old-school glamour supported by traditional and tribal undertones for a truly unique aesthetic We at ZIBA have discovered an aspirational niche for high end women artificial jewelry fashion jewelry Indian traditional jewelry and accessories redefining luxury ideals through fashion-forward styling Shop online women artificial jewelry fashion jewelry kundan indian traditional jewelry pearl jewelry in Dubai UAE Sharjah and Abu Dhabi Delivering also to Pakistan Kuwait Saudi Arabia etc

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Ziba Jewels, Ibn Batuta Mall,India Court, Right opposite Splash, Dubai, UAE

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Ziba Jewels, Ibn Batuta Mall,India Court, Right opposite Splash, Dubai, UAE



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