About us

The company initially started off as a technology company primarily providing solutions for different industries such as advertising and telematics. It later transformed itself into a software and went on to build its own in-house products and services to primarily cater to micro, small and medium businesses. Tradetab is the flagship product and has been built over the last 4 years and we now work with over 500 businesses in 15 different sectors for various products depending on which stage of business they are in. It is a free website builder that offers in-built SEO and many other innovative features to help you market your website on search engines. It also provides many other free and premium features and tools to help small and medium sized businesses start, build / manage and scale their business.

At tradetab our main goal is to solve the pain areas of small and medium business owners (SMBs) that dont have the vision, know-how, skill set or the budget to able to use technology in multiple facets of their business. Today technology can be a game changer especially in the area of sales and marketing and can help them scale their business to new heights and tradetab will help them with just that and more.

Tradetab is a privately held company with a strong team with vast experience in difference fields with core competencies in supply chain and technology. The founder has over 15 years of experience in strategy, technology and marketing and has run multiple businesses globally.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help micro, small and medium businesses start, build and scale their business via continous innovation, enhanced connectivity and seamless collabration.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the world's go-to platform for SMBs to help boost their sales, marketing & operations that is afforable, simple to use and well integrated with different platforms both internally and externally.