Digital Banao Business Badhao

  • Tradetab is a free local B2B network with a primary goal to help businesses start, grow and scale their business.

  • Over 5000 businesses in India from different industries are part of this growing network

  • On tradetab you can advertise, ask for contact, collaborate and connect with other businesses

  • You can use the tradetab software to build your very own business network or community or use their mobile app software to give your customers, employees, suppliers a mobile app for your business.

  • You can even create a store and sell internationally using our B2B international marketplace (For manufacturers only)

Mission & Passion

Our Mission

To provide solutions that will help B2B Businesses grow their business

Our Passion

To innovate and build products that will disrupt the B2B Industry

What is Tradetab ?

A Social Network For Businesses

(To help you network with other businesses in various ways)

A mobile app software- as a service

(To help you connect with your customers, suppliers, employes with a mobile app)

A Marketplace For Manufacturers

(We buy from you and sell to our customers in overseas markets)

What exactly is the Tradetab social network ?

Tradetab is a social network just like facebook, instagram or linkedin, the only difference is that there are only businesses on the platform and the sheer focus is to help them network in every possible way so they can grow their business.

Note: BNI is the only offline business network with a similar focus and objective.

Here Is All What All
You Can Do On the Tradetab social network

How is tradetab different form Linkedin?

  • Network of Professionals

  • On linkedin, professionals list their qualifications, skill set, past experience, get endorsement from employers etc.

  • Linkedin catch line reads "a place to find and be found" hence their main goal is career advancement.

  • Linkedin is just a network

  • Network of Professionals

  • On tradetab, businesses connect with their business network, market their business, collaborate with other businesses and ask for contacts.

  • Tradetab's catch line reads 'Connect and scale your business' so the main focus is networking with a sheer focus of business growth

  • Tradetab is a network, software and a marketplace

How is tradetab different from other social networks?

I'm eating a #donut

I like donuts

This is where I eat donuts

Here's a photo of a donut i had

Here is a video of me eating a donut

My skills include donut marketing

Here's my latest donut recipe

I have a business that manufactures donuts (2021)

What is the tradetab software and what is different?

The tradetab software was built on popular demand so businesses could do more with the platform. Every feature we have built is unique in its own way and interconnected with each other so our vendors get everything on one single platform.

Note: We are not an ERP or a CRM or an accounting software and neither do we intend to be.

Here is what you get with tradetab
mobile app software

Mobile Application

The platform gives you a mobile app that enables you to send push notifications and gives you better access to your "business network"

Login Portal

The platform gives you a login portal that helps you show information post login that is either personalised to each user or that is not open for public viewing.

Community/ network Builder

The platform lets you build and engage with your community via an app and helps you earn additional revenue via advertising


The platform helps you build a page or a website with a strong seo that is visible both on google and on the app and enables you to generate and convert new

Online store

The platform helps you build an online store and enables you to create quotations, invoices, get payments online and connect with other businesses.


The platform gives you a backend CRM that helps you manage all your contacts and all your communication effectively .

What is the tradetab market place?

In certain product categories we also help manufacturers sell their products internationally via our sales and warehouses overseas. With strong processes in place, tradetab aims to solve the entire supply chain experience both locally and internationally to create value for its customers and suppliers.

Note: Many companies prefer to work with a single vendor to meet all their non core demands. On tradetab we offer a one stop solution that is tech enabled to help them buy the cheapest solution on the market.

About US

The company initially started off as a technology company primarily providing solutions for different industries such as advertising and telematics. It later transformed itself into a software and went on to build its own in-house products and services to primarily cater to micro, small and medium businesses. Tradetab is the flagship product and has been built over the last 4 years and we now work with over 500 businesses in 15 different sectors for various products depending on which stage of business they are in. It is a free website builder that offers in-built SEO and many other innovative features to help you market your website on search engines. It also provides many other free and premium features and tools to help small and medium sized businesses start, build / manage and scale their business.

At tradetab our main goal is to solve the pain areas of small and medium business owners (SMBs) that dont have the vision, know-how, skill set or the budget to able to use technology in multiple facets of their business. Today technology can be a game changer especially in the area of sales and marketing and can help them scale their business to new heights and tradetab will help them with just that and more.

Tradetab is a privately held company with a strong team with vast experience in difference fields with core competencies in supply chain and technology. The founder has over 15 years of experience in strategy, technology and marketing and has run multiple businesses globally.

Why choose us?

Our parent company is a trading company in the B2B space since the last 5 decades and has over 5000 customers, 1000 suppliers and 300 partners in over 45 countries so we understand the power of having a strong network and understand how to leverage it for maximum advantage.

We already know what you will tell us and we have catered for that. That said ,every business is different and might have their own unique set of requirements so we would love to listen to you not because you are a client but because we love doing this.